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Originally Posted by technovice View Post
I ordered my C7 online from Best Buy early January, and it arrived at my home in about a week. Probably the reason Frys employees don't like Chromebooks is that Frys doesn't carry Chromebooks.

Believe you might be correct, but they know the $200 Acers are being returned often because they will not load windows software. Must be some sort of brain washing (training) they are recieving to poop on Chromebooks, to sell a RT or Surface Pro for $1,200 with a keyboard and MS office activated.

I had to chuckle the other day when purchasing a 32 gig card for a raspoberry, asked the sales person why Frys was not selling Chrombooks, he said they would not carry them, because the returns were to high. Saw him yesterday again, and he asked me if i returned my chrombook yet, I answered no getting another. I told him I did not get to use mine enough, so was getting another one for girl friend, he shook his head, and suggested I get a real computer...

I still do not have an answer in my question as to why I can not use fast food WiFi, but maybe it because I have not set up the system with my Google account. I am not certain if that is the reason, but it works well with my wireless, the neighbours, and tire service on the main street.


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