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ebooks vs pbooks

Since this is a tech-y kind of forum I'm wondering: do you prefer to read ebooks or paper books (pbooks)? Or do you not care either way?

Personally I don't care what I read as long as it's a good book. I have a Kindle and use it a lot, but I also have a pretty big paper book collection.
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I love books. There's just something about old books that can't be replicated in an e-book. On the other hand, e-books on a lightweight reader are so much easier in bed at night because there's no need to have a light on that will keep everyone else awake!
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I actually prefer ebooks, although I still get the occasional "omg this paper book is so nice" feelings. ebooks are just easier for me to carry around/move/store, and I can get a TON of them for free, way more than I could afford to buy.
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I have some vision problems (I'm old). Reading an eBook on my Kindle is so much easier on my eyes than reading a pbook -- I can go for hours. It's one-handed operation lets you read anywhere, sitting, standing, or lying down, unlike a pBook which pretty much demands both hands, a good lamp, and a chair, at least for me. If your pBook has glossy pages, you have to hold it carefully so it doesn't catch the glare from a lamp Those are the two big issues for me.

I read technical books and manuals using Kindle for PC (also from Amazon, free). Sometimes I convert other file formats (like pdf) to Kindle format for this purpose. It is so much easier to search, highlight, bookmark, and take notes in an eBook than a pBook.
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I like reading paper books mostly, but I do have an ereader (a Kindle) that I like to take with me on trips. It's also easier to read on the Kindle in bed than with a paper book.
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I have a Kindle and I like reading books on it, but lately I've been putting it aside in favor of paper books. Maybe my overwhelming to-be-read pile has something to do with that...
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As for me, I have only tried to convert pdf files with the help of 3rd party pdf conversion sdk.

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Childhood days set to one side, I seldom if ever read books...

Most of my adult life (regards such material) has been that most if not all has been non fiction, tutorial or technical types...

Can't say I feel as though I've been depriving myself by any means... It's been more a case of that's the way the cookie has crumbled for eighty odd years...


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