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Wifi with certficate login problem

have a new ARM samsung - is working fine apart from 1 issue.
am using at a school as a trial machine -we use certifcate wireless security instead of pwd, using wpa2 Ent TLS -- when at the school the device seems to require wifi acess -ie it tells me it must be connected to internet -the rub is when not logged in it does not seem to be able to acess the wireless certificate i ahave loaded onto the device.

at home or at mcdonalds i can login with or without wireless -no probems -its just wheni have been on the school wifi network i get the problem

we were thinking of pruchasing 100 or so of these for student use -

i have already done a fresh install of chromium from a restore media i made about 1 wk ago , everythig else on evice works fine

any feedback appeciated
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