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Chromebook for the Third World

In my vision, a barefoot nine year old boy in the third world begins his journey to a town with a satellite. He is carrying his village’s Chrome Book type 3 pad with second solid sate hard drive for utilities and copy of OS, and third solid state hard drive for cache manifest back up. After taking care of business, He connects to the satellite and looks at the world, and as he does everything he sees is collected to the catch manifest to be carried back to his village. Lastly he goes to an online school and caches dynamic PDF objects for lessons on how to read. Back at his village under the yellow glow of a Kerosene lamp He and his friends peer in to the wonder of the computer screen in the excitement they see in the world about them. Power by an old car battery and charged through a solar panel in the day. It only takes time and a few pennies to help people help them selves and change the world about us.
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I read an article about some programs who install computers in villages. They said the children there use them and at first just played games. But it did not take long before they were using the internet to learn. I think those programs are great.
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I think the normal Chromebooks can still become popular in the third world. There are great cities that the Chromebook platform would appeal to since cloud computing is popular the world over.
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I do think the offline stuff would need to be a little more developed before that could really be practical. I can see how it might be used once the Chromebook is more usable when offline.
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I know a place in the third world where the first-gen Chromebooks (Cr-48) would work great. They have wireless broadband, just a limited number of computers. The children living there would probably benefit immensely.

Is there currently a program to send Chromebooks to the third world? Who would we contact to start one? I don't know how much they cost to make, though. OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) is already doing something like this - One Laptop per Child
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