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Volume buttons not working sometimes

I have the Acer version, and my volume buttons don't work about 90% of the time. No matter what button I press (mute, up, down) it just says that I am muting it. However, the other 10% of the time, usually when I turn it on for the first time for a few days, the volume works, however it works basically like a screen reader. Everything I type, click on, mouse over, it read out loud to me. It essentially makes my speakers completely useless because whether it has or does not have volume, I can't use it. I've tried looking for a way to turn off the screen reader and can't seem to find anything, nor have I been able to find anyone with the same mute/volume control problem. Anyone with any suggestions?
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I've had the volume buttons go unresponsive on my Series 5, but only very occasionally - once or twice since I got it. Fixed by a reboot.

Sounds like (sorry ) you may have a hardware problem?
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That sounds like an accessibility-type function. Do you perhaps have the Accessibility feature turned on in in your System Settings? Just guessing based on experience with other systems.
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It was accessibility apparently. Not sure how it got turned on, as it had been working properly before about 2 weeks ago. Anyways, thanks a ton
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