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DerailleurDave 01-11-2018 03:35 PM

Chromebook plus initial setup WiFi issue
Please help! So I purchased a used Chromebook plus, it appeared to have already been power washed when I recieved it, but I ran one again for good measure. After powerwash I click "let's go" from the welcome screen and select a network. I've tried public networks and wifi hotspot off my phone with wpa2 psk, either way it connects, I accept the terms, then while it is "checking for updates" it loses the wifi connection for to "unknown error" and I cannot reconnect.

Gabriel Medina 01-17-2018 11:21 AM

Hello DerailleurDave well i would check connections to the board or WiFi cable to the WiFi card if there is one
If some one have open and Played with the device that have have switched the WiFi cable
Black on white and white on black
Then if everything is OK I would contact the person to you bought it from and ask if it was doing it to them
If so there may be a bad board or WiFi card if there is a WiFi card

MichaMur 09-02-2020 05:19 AM

My brother is a Cisco certified network engineer. When I had this problem, he told me that I need to buy another router and it actually helped. I dunno if you solved this problem already, but if you didn't, just try to make it.

MichaMur 09-02-2020 05:26 AM

BTW, right now I'm preparing myself to become a Cisco certified network engineer too. My brother gave me a lot of different reading. And I know a thing or two about Python. But I'm not sure that I will actually do it. He solved the problem with the router, not me. Moreover, he is solving this kind of problems almost every day - I take only easy tasks. Not so long ago I've found this site. As far as I understand, they provide Cisco certification help. Maybe I will take it. Just in case.

JulianSpringer 09-02-2020 06:58 PM

take them man, awesome courses, I highly recommend

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