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Very thank you for your message, look forward to your update again
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Hay firstly to all of you,im new just signed up as could find my answers,have read couple reviews looking to buy the samsung chromebook either series 3 or 5,since the 5 version is 200 doallrs more i have couple of questions..

what is the difference between 5 and 3 besides the size(screen size also for 1"),besides better processor in the 5 series and bigger 4gb working memory..both are made from same material plastic right,and the 5 series looks slightly better as it dont have that bulk on the back of lid.are there any other differences??i think the series 5 has slightly better screen but thats not improtant to me,the basic satifies me already..what else?like do you get more cloud storage with series 5 when you sign to your google account?The series 3 gets 100 gb of storage,for 2 years,what happens after 2 years?

I spend most of my time on web anyway so this should be perfect laptop for me.i have wifi acces in most places i go with it except the house we have at the sea,so i should take 3g version so that i can connect also there right.

since i spend around less than 5 % of time offline on my computer id still like to know couple of things..when offline can i stick a usb disk in chromebook and listen to some of mp3s i have on that disk and can i look at some pictures maybe that i have on that disk..assuming what i have on google storage i can only use when im online right and not offline..

can i transfer pictures from camera via usb on my chromebook when im offline.or at least look at them if i can transfer them?

when online can i download movies via torrent and then save them dierctly on usb disk that i have it plugged on my chromebook,i would keep on that storage cloud only some documents and pictures and music,so i wouldnt like to put the movies i download there,since i watch the movies using usb stick to my led tv id rather have it downlaoded to my usb and not to my cloud storage..

in case id like to watch a movie i have on my usb can i watch it also on my chromebook,for exmpale im on a bus going somwehre or in a car..and if i dont have the net acess can iw atch a movie that i have on usb stick?

i know its alot of question..but this is all i need to know in order to mak up my mind wheter to buy this or not..keep in mind if the answers for my questions differ for seris 3 and 5 tell me..otherwise id just take the series 3 if it all the for the updates,thit is said there will be updates and we can freely download them,so both series 3 will have this benefits as well as series refereing to some updates and news about offline working with chromebook,some offline editions and updates making this computer a total replacment for a normal laptop
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You have done an amazing job! I share this to my friends.
This is something I clearly want to consider.
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