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What is it?

Microsoft and it's OS have pretty much dominated the world's Personal Computer OS market with its various iterations of Windows. One could argue that Apple's OS has always been around to compete with it, but Microsoft still holds over 80% of the world's home computer market, so, based on the numbers, its hard to call Apple really competitive in the PC market. No other company has really ever truly "stepped up to the plate" to design an OS to try to compete with the MS Juggernaut, until now... Google has been working hard on the ChromeOS for quite some time now.
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I have used a number of operating systems, but you are right Microsoft still rules the nest, don't they. I actually believe that this a serious contender for Microsoft. This first computer is just the first of a long line of changes to come. I hope people won't judge the whole project based on one item. Personally, I can not wait and would be glad to not have my soul being owned by Microsoft anymore. Go Google Chrome Book!
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Mircosoft rules the net only because its been around for so long, and many many people only know how to use their OS system, as their is mass amounts of software dev's for microsoft based applications. while apple track record has only picked up within the last decade and really lifted off the ground while, google's mass idea's have really only taken off in 2006 with their new phone and such.
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How does Chrome OS differ from Windows?

For one thing, it boots faster: With no BIOS startup process, a Chromebook needs only eight seconds (Google claims) to ready itself for use. And unlike Windows, where the substantial majority of programs reside natively on the local hard drive, Chrome OS emphasizes the downloading and opening of Web applications, including Gmail and Google Docs, via the Chrome Brower. Because its center of gravity is in the cloud, the first Chromebooks feature 16GB SSDs (solid-state drives)óin other words, not a whole lot of memory for people who want to use a laptop for storing lots of media and rich documents. Battery life is around eight hours for both Samsungís and Acerís models.
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