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Ubuntu on a Chromebook - what do I need to know?

Hello all,
after years of Windows PC use, I find that Windows 8.1 is not for me (as with many others), and I would like to change laptops and OS.

I need something with good battery life (at least 4 hours), and something not to heavy, and with a screen size of 12 inches or smaller.

A Macbook would be an obvious choice, however I cannot afford a new Macbook so that is out of the question unless I buy a secondhand unit.

This brings me to Chromebooks... Great battery life, lightweight, relatively cheap, plenty of choice... However, Chrome OS is WAY to limited for what I need to do.

I need to be able to do some productivity work offline. Specifically video and photo editing. Not Hollywood grade, just some basic special effects, transitions, audio mixing, text animation etc.

So I figured that a Chromebook running Ubuntu would be great.
So, what is the best Chromebook for Ubuntu?
ARM or Intel processor (keeping in mind the intended use) ?

I would be most likely buying a secondhand unit, as I'm on a tight budget.

When running Ubuntu on a Chromebook can one print documents etc ?
What about connecting a camera to transfer files?

Any help much appreciated!
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The only thing I can help with there (I think) might be the printing factor Hazzar... As long as you have a wireless printer, you should be able to print using the cloud system - from anywhere... I use that system with all my basic computers, along with the Chromebook and tablet I posses, plus, other people's CB's and computers owned by some of my trainees... I use an Epson 610... Brilliant machine...

Hope that helps with one element of your requirements...

Robbie Dalziel...

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I have not tried that myself yet but I need this info too

Crouton vs. ChrUbuntu are the 2 main ways
of putting linux on chromebook;
-- that link gives a motivation and procedure for Crouton;
Crouton was created by Google employee Dave Schneider.
On an ARM Chromebook like the Samsung Chromebook,
you’re a bit limited in what you can do.
On an Intel Chromebook, you have more freedom ...
see some models compared to find intel's;
here's all the chromebook models to choose from;
some have links you can find whether they're intel or ARM; eg,
acer-c720-chromebook/Specifications/CPU: Haswell Celeron 2995U.
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