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Sticker Removal

Sorry if this has been posted and I missed it in my search (I couldn't find anything) but what's the easiest, safest method to remove these annoying stickers from the palm rest of my laptop? Sure, it's got "intel inside" and it's "Energy Efficient" but I don't need to advertise that to the free world. Methods I've seen so far include:
  • peeling the stickers off and spraying WD-40 on the sticky residue using a terry cloth to wipe it away. (IDK about spraying an oily lubricant anywhere near my laptop).
  • peeling the stickers off and using a pencil eraser to rub away the remaining sticky residue. (this seems to be safe but still risks getting eraser bits and sticker residue into my keypad).
What methods, if any, have you guys used to successfully and completely remove the feature stickers and residue from your laptops?
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There are chemical solutions that will remove sticky residue, but be careful what you use, because from experience, I've learnt that some do affect plastic material in detrimental ways - i.e. - they can 'eat into' the plastic material


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