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Chromebook: Apps in the Cloud

The new Chromebook announced today by Google takes computing to the next-level. For the first time, we are truly being driven by cloud-computing, where we have very little stored on our local machine. Everything is stored in the cloud, which means each user on a computer can have their own profile and their own access, all while not intruding upon the others hard drive space. I think we saw an interesting start to this with Google Music, and of course Google's very popular Google Apps. With the new idea of our applications and our data being stored in the cloud, we will now have increased reliance on our Internet connection. The first thing every Chromebook user should do is upgrade their Wifi connection to the latest software to ensure they are always getting the fastest speeds available.

I am still hesitant about storing my confidential data in the cloud, but I guess I will have to go back and ensure I am using really strong passwords - ie. 10 characters, letters, numbers, symbols, etc. This is the new way to protect oneself.

Finally, I'm excited about the opportunities that lie with Google's new Chromebook. I think they can really shake-up a nascent marketplace that hasn't changed much since 1995. Really check out laptops from back then until today... pretty similar! Now the looks won't change much, but the entire basis of Windows OS or Mac OSX will change to a more centralized data source.

Web is Speed.... Web is Fast! In google we trust!

Please don't be evil.... and please don't be sloppy with our data!
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Google is a trusted company to me at least and to many others I know. This whole cloud-computing thing is new to me. At first I didn't like the idea but after getting a better understanding of it, im starting to catch on to what it's all about.

On the Plus side, you will have a faster computing experience

Down Side, data is stored in the "cloud", which might leave people feeling unsafe that their data is not with them but with google.

Is this the start to something great??? we will have to see.....
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With this Cloud Deign it basically is a gigantic network server that allows us to use online storage for applications and data and what not and will be assessable through any chrome laptop and etc, and all you need to do is sign into your Google account.

Though with this cloud design Google better have a strong protected network. As once the wall is broken all **** is broken loose because at that point all our data is assessable from the outside and to other people. I see why certain people will love this idea of a central storage, but where does your central storage end and what price will be pay for privacy, if we have Google monitors our items.

there are many question asked, yes the web is fast and all but it come down to what is the price will be pay for convince! But yeah i am tired of laptop's they've pretty much stayed the same over the last years, no change in functionality, only cool thing is the Tablets!

Though regardless of what i said... im all in for this central storage.. I'm tired of loosing files...
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that last line you said still worries me a bit. the nice thing with having things stored locally is at any point you can physically kill the wired connections and turn off any wireless connection. if they dont have enough security measures in place our data will be like a goldmine to the best hackers in the world. lets take the recent psn attacks where sony only kept a small amount of our information(address, name, credit card info, and email). after the attacks to the psn i have been receiving a lot of spam and also worried about my credit card number.
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The PSN network is a valid comparison, though Google rarely does the same things that get other hackers in hot water with the other big tech companies. Still agreed, we all have some data that just isn't write to be stored online, which is what the USB stick and memory card reader on the Chromebook is for, so we can keep somethings to ourselves.

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I have no problems with storing data online with google, with the exception of course of credit card info or job stuff that we have a policy of doing that against.
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I have been involved with computer technology for almost 30 years (1981 DOS), and I must say that I have had my fill of computers put together with BIOS and traditional operating systems. I've both built and used every conceivable hardware/operating system combination available to the buying public (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc...), and based on what I've read so far - the Chrome OS should be an awesome alternative to what we've all gotten used to using. I personally won't have any problem storing documents on the cloud; however, certain sensitive information will remain on a flash drive for my protection...which is really not inconvenient at all. The hard drive in my 4 month old desktop just died, so needless to say - I am looking forward to an alternative way to store a majority of my personal data.
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I've been using online backup for years now. There has been no security issues for me so far. I'm ready to commit to the cloud.
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I think the name is pretty cool, too. All of your info will be up in the clouds! They are getting really creative. I guess that's what you get with a company run by lots of young people!
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Maybe I can afford to purchase a little of their stock...
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