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Chromebook is for web browsing and word processing

With all the excitement over Chromebook, I keep forgetting that the OS is web-based and you don't need to install anything in your device. I am just mulling over the things I normally do on my laptop. Chromebook is for more simple tasks. It does not claim it will replace a normal computer. Duh on me!
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Agreed. I pointed this out on the thread regarding the NYTimes piece on why the ChromeBook"might not be for you." The Chromebook is not meant (yet) to replace your whole platform. It's just a great secondary device. Most people will want a desktop or more powerful laptop for running more powerful applications, storing media, etc. -- like a home server.

Lots of criticism of the chromebook has been misguided, focused on what it isn't instead of what it is. Remember all the criticism of the iPad for being less than a netbook and just a big iPod touch...
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I have realized something else too. There are a TON of people who don't know what apps are or how to use them. Once you figure that out your world chances. A lot of people think they have to give up word processing even. Google Docs is only ONE option, there are other word processing apps to. Oh well people will figure it out.
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Lol, I remember the day I discovered apps. Of course the next day I discovered extensions and I fell in love with Google. I had been under the impression that Google was very basic and there were no add ons. Little did I know there were but they were called something else.
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Apps and extensions are great, but unless you can make use of the mass-market apps and don't have to use very specialized locally installable executables (pretty much anyone in IT) the Chromebook's usefulness if fairly limited.
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Well, perhaps IT's use of specialized local executables was due to a shortcoming that
the transition could be as easy as re-writing the executable as an app or extension...
Perhaps one could start off a company that does such a thing for other companies (although any respectful IT group should be able to pull-off writing their own code).

On the flip side, with ChromeOS in the workplace the need for IT guys to fix/maintain/troubleshoot company computers will lessen, no? Seeing as all updates etc will be auto-cloud-o-matic...

Regarding "Chromebook is for more simple tasks" (from the first post) I hafta disagree. Like it was said above it's all about the apps and there are some pretty powerful and complex apps out there like graphic calculators, audio editing, and CAD!

If a inter-app communication standard developed that would be amazing... Like... say your online file storage system were accessible to all/most your apps such that the design sketched I scanned and stored online could be edited, then imported into CAD to rework precisely, then converted to a PDF I could then send out by email to colleagues along with the CAD file - all from the cloud. Would that be a good idea?
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thank you for pointing out chromebook is capable of word processing. can i convert word document with it. if so, that would be wonderful.
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