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The ”ChromeBook Guru” Program

I never knew about the Chromebook Guru program and now I wish I was one of the selected people to take part in it!

Has anyone here been selected for the Chromebook guru program??

Below is a write up I found about the Chromebook program.

OMG ! This is the best thing that can happen to a Chromebook fan. I am super jealous of those who got selected to this small group of pilot testers who will start getting new new Chromebooks being shipped from Google, to try them out and spread the word.

The ChromeBook Guru Program

Google has introduced a new pilot test program, taking the CR48 test pilot group to the next level. Selected members from the CR48 group will be given the Chromebook Guru title and will start receiving shipments of new Chromebooks from Google.

They can try these new Chromebooks, share them with their friends and family, ( this is where I get jealous of their friends and family too !! ) and share their thoughts on any networking site or blog about them. Google hopes to have an organic way of spreading the news about Chromebooks. Here is the email that they are sending out to selected candidates.

Over the past few months, you’ve gone above and beyond in the Chrome Notebook Pilot Forum– providing amazing feedback, helping others understand the vision and have truly been a champion for Chrome OS. Your involvement and feedback truly stood out from the rest– you were constantly engaged, willing to test, and passionate about what we’re doing. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again– we couldn’t have done it without you.

That’s why we want to invite you to be a Chromebook guru. As a part of the Chromebook guru program, we will be giving out Chromebooks to a very small and select group of pilot users. The goal of this program is to extend the pilot spirit to all of the Chromebooks in our family and to help spread the word organically.

We’re eager to hear your feedback on the new device, and also hope that you’ll share it (both the device and your feedback!) with your friends and family. As a member of this program, you’re not under NDA, so you’re free to post any tips and tricks you come across in the forum, or any social networking sites you love– and, of course, share your thoughts and post a review (or an unboxing!) on these sites as well. As pilot users we know that you have a deep understanding of your Chromebook (and know who would love to take one home!) so we hope that you’ll help others decide if this is right for them and help explain the benefits and tradeoffs of Chromebooks to the world.

To get the ball rolling, please update your address here so we can begin shipping your device. Have additional questions? Shoot me an email!

So, congratulations! We really can’t thank you enough for being such an positive and influential part of the pilot program.
The"ChromeBook Guru" Program - Google Will Send You "All of the Chromebooks in the Family"
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If this forum was a bit more established, I'd post a "What, you mean you didn't you get an invite?" reply to wind you up

The Guru program sounds cool for those invited and a very smart way for Google to help build and inspire a loyal fan base. I guess those that have hawked their Cr48's on ebay might not be invited, and I'm hopeful that the program could be extended in time to recognise some of the new chromebook fans that missed out completely on the '48s and *actually put their money where their mouth is* and spent their own cash on one of the first commercially available c'ooks.
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Sorry russ, but I'm not feeling the whole c'ook thing...

I too wish that I had been selected for the Cr-48 program, though I probably wasn't ready for something like that at the time so I'm not bent about it. Those who have been grandfathered into the Guru program are pretty lucky though!
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I am on my CR-48 and worked with Google in the past..I am going to email a couple of guys and find out the truth on this and the chances of getting in. Either way...I would love to be a GURU...already feel like one...Esp since I was a bug reporting fool...
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Sounds like the ultimate program for any Google fanatic. I would fefinately love to be a "guru" if this program is real.
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Based from the email that has been posted and what I have read elsewhere is that only a selection of Cr-48 users who have been active in Google's official Chromebook Central forum since the pilot launch are qualified to be Chromebook Gurus.

Why would this be fake? It seems like there are a lot of folk on this forum who jump to skepticism when they're not included.
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