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I wonder how Australian's managed to get the Chromebook before anyone else.
Not sure if anything legal had to be done to make this happen. I'm thinking Australia might be a "priority" market for google chromebooks. Maybe google see's some great potential for chromebook sales in Australia. I wish America were the first to get it! Oh well it's not that much longer of a wait.

Electronic dealer Kogan has launched the Agora – the first Google Chromium OS powered laptop.

Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO of the Australian retailer said: “We’ve been able to beat the rest of the world to bring the first commercially available laptop running Google’s Chromium OS.”

As you may know, the Chromium OS is an open source version of Google’s Chrome operating system and is still in development.

The International Business Times reports: “The low-powered laptop comes with 1GB of RAM and a 30GB SSD and is powered by an Intel Celeron M ULV processor, with a display of 11.6-inch (1366×768) and 3 USB ports. Battery life is of about 3.5 hours.”

Starting on Friday June 3rd, customers in the United Kingdom can buy the Kogan Agora Laptop for £269 while the cost to Australian customers is $349.

“Samsung and Acer announced Chromebooks based on Chromium OS last month, but we’ve beaten them to market. Kogan is the most agile consumer electronics manufacturer in the world. We react faster to market trends than anyone else,” said Kogan in the IB Times report
Australia’s Kogan Selling first Chromium OS Laptops Starting on June 3 | Chromebook Blog
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