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Originally Posted by TheWebTech View Post
I haven't seen seperate windows on Chrome OS yet and want to know if it's a planned feature to allow users to have multiple windows instead of just one full screen one. I say this because as a current windows 7 user I love to drag a window to the side of the screen have it lock into half the screen, do the same with another window, that way I can have 2 sites open at once, for example use google docs to take notes on a site in another window. I understand that there will be the feature for chats and small websites, where they can have things pop up in small little windows, but I want to know can you do it with the regular browser window.
I would be surprised if there wasn't an app/extension or virtual desktop that could facilitate this. If not now, then certainly in the immediate future. Chrome is getting excellent third-party innovator support.
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