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Question Samsung (and Acer) Chromebooks Dual Band Wi-fi?

I was looking at getting the white wi-fi only Samsung Chromebook because this page -> Chromebook <- says it includes dual band wireless n (meaning 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz). But both's listing and's listing seem to indicate it is only a single band wifi (2.4 Ghz). can any one confirm if the wifi is single or dual band? it seems to me (and i'm probably wrong on this) that a/b/g/n wifi adapters usually indicate that it might do dual band, while a b/g/n wifi adapter is a sure sign that it only does the 2.4 Ghz band. I would love to get a chrome book to replace my aging iPAQ 110, but not having a dual band adapter is a real deal breaker for me. Please note: I DO have a wireless Dualband Router. it is a Linksys WRT-600N (mostly because my neighborhood is really crowded on the 2Ghz band and i'm the only one in the neighborhood that uses the 5Ghz band. for the moment at least.)
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