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Originally Posted by leestafford View Post
I'm in need of a new laptop and considering a Chromebook.
I use Chromebook for work, using MS Word & Powerpoint. I'm a lecturer and my college uses them So the question (you've probably heard a million times)...
Can I design presentations and worksheets etc in a Google app on the Chromebook then email them to my work or put them on a USB drive and then go to work and transform then so they work with my college's computers which use MS Office?
And vice versa... as in edit presentations, I've produced at work on MS Office, at home on a Chromebook?
Yes ... but if you're using say, Powerpoint 2013 and have use some of the really fancy features, they likely won't covert to Google Docs format very well. That said, most of your presentations are probably pretty straight forward ... you have slides, with text, tables, images, embedded links, maybe presenter notes. So no problem.

Once you create a presentation in Google Docs, there is NO NEED to convert them to Powerpoint to use them at work. Does your college have wifi (I bet it does)? Does your work computer have an internet browser and internet connection (I bet it does)? Then simply login to your Google Drive account and run your presentation from the cloud.

If you're presenting in an unknown location where you're not sure about the internet access ... you can save the Google Drive presentation into PDF format and present it as a full screen PDF document. Or if you're like me, if I have no connection I can simply tether off the 3G / LTE connectin from my cell phone which is often faster than even my home internet at times. Easy.

In a nutshell, with Google Apps, Google Docs / Drive, Chromebooks ... forget the idea of using UBS drives, emailing documents ... thats what we did for the last 30 years. There's a new way of doing things.
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