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Originally Posted by Robbie Dalziel View Post
Hope I've got this right...

If you require something to charge your Chromebook, when traveling in a vehicle, I've seen such available on the internet... The lead plugs into a vehicle cigarette lighter, then into the normal charging connector on the laptop...

There are a number of different appliances available... I just Googled: 'car chromebook c720 charger'....

My apologies, if I'm on the wrong track...

Robbie D....
You are on the right track. Although I must clarify, this is not so much for the car as it is for plugging into an outlet adapter that only has a USB port. So im looking for my computer charger, and instead of it having a normal plug on the end it has a usb plug to fit into a usb slot. You have reminded me, though, that I should get a car charger adapter, too.

Do you know what I mean?
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