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C720 & Linksys WRT54g

Just got an Acer Chromebook C720 and I have a Linksys WRT54gv8 router and it will NOT connect chromebook WiFi. Have PC, 2 Laptops, Smart TV, Kindle fire, Xbox, PS3, 2 Roku's connected to the router now. All work fine and have never really had a problem. The Router is WPA-TPIK but no joy connecting the Chromebook. thinking it is the Chrome OS, I do not know. Now the WRT54g was (I think) Noah's router but if it ain't broke....Last firmware update for the router was October 2009 and no new updates. Was thinking about getting a new router, any suggestions on which will handle all above and the Chromebook with the router secured. Tanks for any advice.
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