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Samsung Chromebook Help reqd

Hiya Im a newbie and need some help, not too technical so I'll explain as best I can

Had my series 3 chromebook XE303c12 for 2 years and never had a problem until last night

First it didnt find my bt hub wifi as quickly as usual, took a while and kept searching but got there in the end and that connected at 71%.

Then it wont load up any web pages, just kept saying resolving host and nothing

I tried deleting browsing history, cookies etc
I tried deleting the cache turning it on and off
i tried resetting settings to default settings

Havent tried a powerwash yet as was reluctant to start from scratch.

Then this morning I had all the same problems and as battery was half empty I plugged in my charger and it came to life and was working normally.

Battery full so Unplugged charger and no webpages will load, plus in charger and its working as normal

Can anyone help me please?
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