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That is good news and probably couldn't have come at a better time. Its been a very sad and difficult 21-year old daughter that I have mentioned throughout this forum as being my generous daughter for lending me her new laptop ever since I broke mine in December, moved out on not-so-good-of-terms. She of course took her laptop with her...can't blame her, it's hers. However, not only have I been lost without having proper access to a computer and the Internet, my daughter's laptop had all my pictures on it, a year's worth of writing on it (I've been compiling 15 years worth of writing for a book), all my business information, all of my EXTENSIVE and TIRELESS RESEARCH I've done in the last year on Google and how to be successful in a particular online-business for my mom and I, e-books, pdf files, video tutorials, and on and on...all of which I had no access to without her laptop (my bad). So 2 nights ago I asked her if she would bring her laptop home for a couple hours so I could remove all of my stuff and she said she would. She never showed. Less than 30 minutes ago she called to inform me that she sold her laptop on e-Bay today and already shipped it off!!! OMG!!! I don't think I have ever been so sick in my whole life!!! I'm so devastated that truthfully I'm having a hard time being excited about the 3 Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks that are about to be given away because I have been so overly excited I'm not looking forward to another great disappointment should I not win....I'm not a very lucky nor hopeful person at the moment. matter what, until the moment of the anticipated announcement, I will keep praying for a miracle and wishing upon a star. Well, I guess since I went this far in this sob story of mine I should tell you the reason for my baby's cruelty....I called the police 4 nights ago as a result of her 28-year old boyfriend beating the crap out of her and tried, to no avail, have him arrested....what mother wouldn't? Anyway, I'm so sorry for this depressing and personal post, I guess I am just a little shell shocked receiving that phone call while I was browsing the threads in this forum and then had the mixed emotions upon reading rdlviper's post from earlier today. I'd like to say...Good luck to everyone, I won't be here as often but I will sign on as often as it is possible....and actually. lucky will have a lot less EXTREMELY LONG POSTS TO MUDDLE THROUGH as a result of mtluvsChrome now having limited access to writing her "short stories" she so loves to write. Yep, Lucky You, Bummer 4 Me :-) But don't count me out just yet for I shall soon return....I love and enjoy this forum and the awesome members in it! Again, good luck my friends! OH WAIT, P.S.!!! My sob story above is the PRIME EXAMPLE as for why WE should ALL own a Google Chromebook......Nothing important ever lost again; All things important safely stored in the clouds.....Gosh, now I really wish I would have had a Chromebook a week ago....all would still be good and happy...except for my daughter leaving me, of course. Good night all:-)
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