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mrmtampa 06-02-2011 07:38 AM

Chrome Refrigerator?
Has anyone seen the Samsung commercials for their new refrigerator with an embedded 8" LCD screen? From the description it sounds like Chrome.

"Special Apps and Built-in LCD Screen
Keep your kitchen and family organized with special apps made for your refrigerator. Leave notes for your loved ones. Display photos from your Picasa library, mobile phone or SD card. Stay up to date with all your family activities with Google Calendar. Access hundreds of recipes from Epicurious. Plus, get the latest weather and news via Weather Bug and Associated Press. All through Samsung's brilliant, WiFi-enabled 8" LCD screen."

Here's a link to Samsung's page. 30 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator and 8" LCD Digital Display with Apps | Samsung Refrigerators RSG309AARS

omosh 06-02-2011 10:59 AM

Wow, I am hearing this for the first time. Have these hit the market yet? I have looked at the link but there no mention of anything like Chrome.

fred 06-02-2011 01:03 PM

That is not a bad idea. If the fridge had apps that helped people track what they eat. Keep track of calories and fat content and stuff like that then it might help people live healthier. And if you could have a virtual grocery list kept on the fridge that you could access from your phone, well that would rock.

Clinquant 06-02-2011 02:17 PM

I do set my laptop up in the kitchen all the time - I use it for recipes that I look up, etc. I think that is a great idea. Hopefully it is similar to the Google Chromebook!

mtluvsChrome 06-03-2011 05:18 AM

Just today I saw the commercial for the first time.

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