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DumbUglyDragon 07-02-2011 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by obxvt (Post 4172)
OH BOY! It just got here. Amazon shipped it yesterday and I got it today!!!! Didn't pay for extra fast shipping or anything. It is updating now.......

Lucky! I ordered on the 28th and I've noticed they have been instock the last 2 days, but mine hasn't shipped!

firegeek 07-02-2011 03:37 PM

Received my Titan Silver 3g on the 27th of June and loved it every since. Boot times are awesome, runs cool and I have been using it off and on ever since on one full full charge. I haven't configured the 3g as of yet. Waiting until I return home. Hoping that I can tie it to my existing Verizon account without exposing another credit card.

wfeiereisen 07-02-2011 11:25 PM

ordered Samsung 3G from Amazon on June 11. Received June 27.

jjducky 07-03-2011 02:24 AM

I'm quite happy with my white 3G so far. I ordered a silver WiFi from Amazon on June 25th, and got an availability date of Aug 2nd! I couldn't wait that long so I checked out ebay. Got an unopened white 3G for just a few dollars over Amazon price, but shipping was free so I broke even. I have been able to do everything I did on my Windows OS except watch Netflix, which is coming. I even found a way to have a "desktop" background using the theme generator I found in the app store. My full size mouse/keyboard work fine off the USB port, and I was able to load a few pic for the aforementioned theme generator froma USB drive as well. The only "complaints" I have are both related to the trackpad, and both are probably user and not equipment related. I have found the pad doesnt track well sometimes, which is probably related to the settings I have to tinker with. Also, there is no "right click" that I have been able to find. It works with the mouse, but not the pad. Again, its probably related to inexperience rather than a defect. I do have a poor experience, but its with the Samsung site. I tried to register the Chromebook for the warranty, and on the registration page the Chromebook is not an option. I emailed customer service and they suggested I reload the page after clearing the cache, or try from a different browser. Neither worked. :confused:

wfeiereisen 07-04-2011 10:42 AM

right click
seems to be a tap with two fingers. works pretty well. Samsung must have done it this way so they could avoid actually putting switch circuitry under the southeast corner of the trackpad?

firegeek 07-04-2011 12:46 PM

I'm getting use to the track pad--slowly. Love the "two finger scroll" vs the scroll bar on Samsung NC10. Haven't got the "two finger/right click" down yet. The case doesn't seem up to the norm of Samsung products but the quality is...Love the weight, or lack of...

newrivervalley 07-08-2011 01:36 PM

Received samsung chromebook yesterday. Getting used to it since I haven't had a laptop (yes, it is a laptop) for 5 months due to hard drive failure (3rd time I've had to junk a windows laptop due to hard drive). I've been using a 7in android tablet, and chromebook is 200% better. Light, great screen, plays music and video online and offline, and renders websites beautifully
. Battery life is great and boot up is as advertised. Still looking for networking and file management, but love it so far.

kellyds 07-08-2011 09:35 PM

Got mine today...
Ordered it yesterday (7/7/11) around noon and it showed up today (7/8/11) at the house. Gotta love Amazon's shipping department.

Samsung 5g Black 3g.

I didn't realize that the 100mb of 3g for two years was included. While it's not much data, I'm normally connected via WiFi anyway, so it is probably enough data. Just trying to figure out how to determine how much data I've used.

Trackpad, meh, I normally use a wireless mouse with my laptops. So, I took my USB dongle and put it in the ChomeBook and it worked flawlessly. I haven't decided if I like the trackpad yet or not. It is taking some time to re-train my fingers to press 'into the pad' for a click. It would have been nice if the the trackpad tutorial would have described the two-finger press for a right click. Figured it through fiddling with it though.

It would be perfect if it had Bluetooth; just so I can connect my wireless headset to it. I tried a Bluetooth dongle and it didn't work, I didn't really expect it to work though.

The keyboard has a decent feel to it. The keys give a decent amount of resistance and the keys are spaced nicely.

So, after about 4 hours of using it. I'm happy with it.


Kiwipop 07-09-2011 06:30 PM

HDMI port?
Hi Guys.

Am I correct in my understanding that an Acer Chromebook has an HDMI port but a Samsung Chromebook does not?
:(That would be a "Dealbreaker" for me.

bmanning81 07-09-2011 10:42 PM

I'm wondering the same! Really interested in seeing how everyone likes theres! Especially with things like Google + out now

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