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The reason is probably the integrated graphics card(GMA 3150) on the Atom. It can support digital output on dvi/hdmi of up to 1366x768 or, if you go analog e.g. vga, you can support a display at a much higher 2048x1536. Samsung's built-in screen is 1280x800, 42 pixels taller than the Atom's maximum height for digital output. Oh, and can you imagine not being able to connect at native res to a standard 1280x1024 LCD monitor? Those monitors are cheap and plentiful, which is good for targets of the Atom processor market. I feel like these chromebooks are aimed at school and business use, so the higher resolution is more important than the clarity of digital display outputs.

A good list of features for the integrated graphics is at A New Atom Lineup: Pineview Previewed : Intel?s Atom D510 And NM10 Express: Down The Pine Trail With D510MO
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i agree when it comes to school and business presentation ie power point slides, with the you tube viewing as well, plus most of these are probably connected via into a projector and more are still VGA as well that are used in school and office, and max resolution and size is way more important than fine details when dealing with schooling and business.
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Thanks for clearing that up, I don't think most people realize the resolution you can get out of a VGA connection. Also the fact that these are intended to be mobile devices shows that you will come into contact with a VGA connection twice as much as a HDMI connection. This is not a product that you will be just parking next to your 60" HDTV in the living room.
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Samsung's spec sheet for this book reports it will be sporting an NM10 Graphics Chipset.
Intel reports it is capable of, "The Intel® NM10 Express Chipset enables both netbook and entry-level desktop platforms based on the Intel® Atom™ processors 400 and 500 series. The new small package enables innovative form factor designs while delivering mainstream I/O technologies."

So HDMI at least on the Series 5 looks like it was just not possible with the hardware combo that was picked, and was likely picked to meet a market price point. I think it will be more than sufficient for it's intended purpose. I wonder how well it will do as an e-reader...

Features and Specifications - Samsung Chromebook Series 5 White WiFi Model | Samsung Office
Intel NM10 Express Chipset - Overview
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I'm liking the HDMI-out on the acer. That is what is catching my eye the most out of the two chromebooks (even though I may never use it lol :P).
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the quality you get from VGA is already good but nothing beats HDMI. I have both VGA & HDMI on my PC. Obviously i took the HDMI option and current use a HDMI TV as my computer monitor.

Too bad the Chromebook doesn't have HDMI, but it's a good thing most TV's on the market today have a VGA connection so maybe we can get a Mini-VGA to VGA cable and use that.
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Originally Posted by techno_geek View Post
Yeah. The chromebox will almost guaranteed have HDMI output. It wouldn't make any sense for it not to have it. Its not supposed to be as portable as the chromebook anyway.
The chromebox will most likely be meant to be used as a "main" computer for whatever companies Google expects to be using it.
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I'd use the Chromebox as my home PC, assuming it is comparable hardware wise to typical Windows 7 consumer offerings.

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I would only buy an HDMI version
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rdlviper said that it will push 480i. I have had some issues with VGA out to a nice sized screen. The picture wouldn't fit to screen. Sometimes it would be off centered and others right on. I'm sketch about a VGA out. They tried, but not that hard on this point.
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