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Have to admit that 12" seems about right to me, and although I really want to love the tablet format sometimes I kinda think the traditional laptop design is actually spot on. Larger models are just too heavy and too power hungry for me.

Personally I think that there is a market for ultra portable "laptops", but time will tell!
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I ended up selling my Dell 17" laptop when I found out Chromebooks were coming out. The 12" was one of the things I was looking for in a new laptop, I was so tired of lugging a huge 17" laptop around.

Unfortunately life dealt me some unexpected turn of events and now that money is gone. Won't be getting a Chromebook for a while, it seems...hopefully my partner won't mind me using his laptop as often as I'll need!
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Chromebooks are essentially netbooks and priced pretty much in line with netbook pricing. Some may argue that the Chromebooks don't have all the "bells and whistles" of a typical netbook but that's not the point. Most netbooks don't boot in less than 10 seconds, they don't have "instant on" capability and they don't run a self-healing, secure OS. A 3lb. Chromebook is portable enough with sufficiently long battery run times to be useful to people who spend almost all of their time connected to the Internet. Macbook Pros are much more expensive than Chromebooks and tablets are at least the same price or more expensive than Chromebooks. For example, the Acer Iconia A500 Wi-Fi tablet costs $449.99, which is the same price as the Acer Cromia 3G Chromebook. Tablets are generating a lot of buzz and millions will be sold this year, but the Chromebook looks like it could re-invigorate the market for netbooks by defining a niche where they are not just another small notebook that is hard to type on.
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I would like the ability to stream music from my chromebook to my home system wirelessly, but haven't found any documentation regarding this yet.
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Chromebook will succeed

Personally I dislike the small screen size of smartphones and the size/weight/short battery life of laptops and look forward to accomplishing much of my work and play with the small lightweight chromebook - and the 'price is right!'
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I don't agree. I think the Samsung Chromebook will be a huge success! You don't need all the 'goodies' to have a great experience.
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