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The Acer Chromebook specs

I was looking at the Acer Chromebook specs on the net and except for the HDMI output, I think running for 6 hours on a single charge is commendable?
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Absolutely! And I hear the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is able to run 8 hours on a single charge, just as Goolge claimed it would! That is amazing! I won't know what to do with myself when I get my first Chromebook. The laptop I'm currently using isn't even a year old and I am lucky if I get 1 hour of battery life after a full-single charge! It's quite annoying!
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Battery care

Li-ion batteries store well near-but-above freezing with 40% charge. If you do this, your battery should be within 2% of new condition a year later. Keeping it warm, as it will get in the laptop while the machine is on, significantly impacts the rate of decay.

When operating mostly out of home on laptops where you can replace the battery, I drain it almost completely then charge it to full and operate on battery until 40%. I then shut down and put the battery in a cool place (refrigerator if you are sure it won't freeze). Plug in the laptop and run without a battery - or face the aforementioned pain of a 1 yo battery that has lost a huge amount of its original capacitance.

Another thing: try not to let li-ion batteries get really low or really full, you should usually be keeping them between 20% and 80% rather than doing full cycle charges and discharges. The occasional full cycle is to make sure the battery knows where to find true zero and true full.
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Thanks Ben for the great advice and info!!! No wonder the battery in this laptop is junk.....I thought maybe it had something to do with being a Compaq....but I now clearly see it's not the manufacturer creating the problem, it's the users (my daughter and I). Yikes!

This laptop has gotten HOT so many times before and no....not so much by me :-) I tend to have a little more respect for things that aren't mine and that aren't easily replaceable. But, I don't know how many times I've walked in daughter's room to get the laptop from her and she will have it lying right on her bed and blankets while she is using it! I've warned her about that until I'm blue in the face but what can I really's her laptop?

So definitely the battery has never been put in the fridge....who would'a thought? But it makes sense because I've myself have stored batteries in the fridge, just not a laptop battery :-)

Now in addressing your last tid-bit of excellent advice and my irritating issue....I have been doing the exact opposite in regards to the 20% and 80%. For some reason I thought letting the battery get as close to draining as possible (at which times would often completely drain if I wasn't paying attention) and then I'd plug it back in to give it a nice, "beyond-full" charge. I thought that's how it was supposed to be done...Oops!

So do you think this battery is shot or could it possibly be salvaged if I were to start caring for it in the way you advise above? Thanks again Ben for the awesome advice and information!
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Ben, I would have to say that is indeed some really valuable bit of info that I had no idea in regard to taking care of the battery life.

If the Samsung model would run for 6 hours, is it not a wise choice to purchase it instead?
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