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Acer Chomebook Screen Size

Now that the Acer Chromebook is out I would like to hear from people who own it. Do you find the screen size to be large enough for you?
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I think the number of people who own a Samsung Chromebook far out weighs those who have an Acer Chromebook (due to the delay). Still, I know there are some Acer Chromebook owns lurking around. Hopefully they will see your question soon.
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The screen is fine for me. I have been using net-books for a few years and I may be used to the smaller size more than most people are. Still with the font and the screen resolution used it seems fine to me.
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Picked mine up yesterday

I love the screen size. Its bigger then most netbooks and tablets yet small enough to take around with me and when Im at home to watch Directv on it in the bedroom and play some games. Overall Im very happy with the price and device.
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I'm coming from a 17" Dell inspiron laptop, and I don't mind the screen size one bit. The overall size and weight difference makes the Acer far more convenient. My Dell always took up so much room on a table, like in the cafeteria at school, and it weighed so damn much I never wanted to bother pulling it out. Overall, I'm beyond satisfied with the dimensions of the Acer.
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I just got mine a couple days ago, but so far I like it fine. Granted the type size on posts like this is smaller than on my 17" HP, but my 72 year old eyes are still able to read it.
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I use a 23 inch (1920x1080) monitor, and a 27 inch 1080 LCD TV that work with my eyes, when using the one of the desktop on my home network.

The Acer's C7 smaller screen has a vertical of 768 pixels and I find that limiting. That said I put up with the old fashion 4:3 ratio (1024x768 resolution) LCD monitor for many years. I like the 16:9 ratio, works well with films/video and seldom has black bars on the top and bottom unlike the 16:10/16:11 ratio. The screen ratio is one of the reasons to have one of these wonderful light weight Chromebook systems.

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Wife and I use 23" and 29" monitors, left over from Junked Win XP systems.

YouTube videos, documentaries etc. and Netflix movies, TV show episodes re especially enjoyed in our bedroom.

I enjoy not having to hunt for my reading eyeglasses. That said, I often use the 11" Acer CB screen, though I enlarge to 175% to read articles etc. when surfing.
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Chromebooks are available in these screen sizes: 11.6, 13.3, 14, 15.6 inches. I've looked long and hard at the current options, and present my take on the best Chromebook with each sized screen.
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Chromebooks this year are better?
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