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Originally Posted by mtluvsChrome View Post
@ Jason
Could either of you be more ******* rude? So ya know what....**** ya both! I wonder where either one of you even came from. Niether of you joined this forum until June and then it was like a rat race between you guys of who could get the most posts in the quickest. And Jason, I don't believe I have ever "met" a bigger kiss ass than you. And russcasey...well I don't even know what to say about you!

Anyway...sinara! You got your wish and you got rid of me. This forum was cool until you two jokers showed up and started making your snide Kiss ass comments. I was nice to both of you and yet you 2 jack assess didn't even have the balls to come right out and "confront" me on anything. This is the closest you've come.

So I will be taking me, myself, and I right the **** out of here....

P.S. to anyone who the Privacy Policy. You might want to make **** sure you don't make any purchases on this site, even via a link from this site to purchase elsewhere because this forum has the "right" to get your ccard info even if the payment was made directly here.

See ya...ya jokers
Wait what? I wasn't trying to be mean... I was jokely saying nice joke. I thought Russ comment was a playful ribbing not a venomous attack. Even so that response was a little to far.... But what can you is the internet..I guess intent and sarcasm is usually lost.

Either way I am sorry it ended that way. Have a great time whatever community you find. I just wish in your exit you didn't hated me...
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