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Originally Posted by jwf2.tao View Post
got my road runner installed today, rec'd mediabridge router and my cb. all is good- 5 bars reception on my front porch! better svc for my phone too! I live in hawaii where wireless is always trblsome. desparately need skype, using imo and having probs with aud/vid settings. no live help so waiting for email responses, but so far excellent. by the way, mediabridge customer svc the best i have seen in quite a while. cheers....
I'm having the same trouble with - I've followed the advice on their blog about tweaking the flash settings, but can't get audio or video working on incoming or outgoing calls. I've also had no response over email
Chatroulette works so it isn't a hardware problem.

Hopefully they will fix it soon, or a competitor will come along and make it so they don't have to. A Skype Extension would be brilliant.
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