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Originally Posted by guidol View Post
If Google drop the support with new Chrome OS Images for Chromebooks only Google will know if there will be a last ever working image - I hope they will do it.
If you could expect it for the lifetime of your chromebook I dont know...some people do buy every 2-3 years a new computer and some do use it mor than 5-7 years....the technology is changing so fast...
Perhaps I expressed myself a little clumsy. Of course I change computer after a few years (2-3 years doesn't sound unreasonable for laptops), but with lifetime support, I mean more Chrome OS itself. I don't want to buy a computer with an OS that I don't get support for at least 2-3 years (an estimated life of the laptop).

By the way, everything that I save in the cloud won't disappear, if Google decides to not support the Chromebook I have anymore?

I really want to buy the CR-48 because I want to explore the Chrome OS at one time. But I want to get support for at least 2 years more (since the CR-48 is already 1 year old). But perhaps I shouldn't count on it?

Originally Posted by guidol View Post
Chrome OS is working on a linux-base like there could be a free (user supported) version in the future....but if this version will support the verified boot?
The difference is this verified boot against viruses and some code which is only used on chromebooks...but this isnt much.
Good to know!
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