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I am interested in using this as a Thin Client to access my business network, but wouldnt I have to worry about using Wi-Fi?? It does not appear to have a wired NIC so I would be subject to the security of my Wi-Fi connection even though I access my business network via a secure SSL Portal. Would a USB NIC work? I like the idea, but what do I do if I cant find a secure Wi-Fi connection? I think not having a wired NIC is a major oversight given todays security laws.
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I agree wholeheartedly for a love of hardwiring in. IMHO wifi, even secured networks, are not nearly secure enough. WPA2 seems good enough - downright pretty darn good when you have that three-headed dog - but I remember all the claims about WEP right up until it was clearly demonstrated that the FBI couldn't use it to make a network that would stay secure for more than 10 minutes under the attack of a lowly consumer laptop. The fundamentals of the security protocols are quite different, so do not expect quite the same level of a break when and if WPA2 falls.... but I still do not trust wireless without one-time keys.
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I never trusted wire-less i would always do wired if anything. As for if Chrome can read the NIC is a question that you would have to ask google and how their OS would react to the USb stick and etc, it should considered it's designed to work with all laptops.
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