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Does your company have any?

I was wondering if any companies have gotten Chromebooks for their employees yet. Some schools have already started buying some for their students to use, so I thought maybe a company or two would have jumped in by now as well.
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Anyone here run a business or part of a business that have adopted Chromebooks?

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My expense claim has been submitted

One of my colleagues is keen on getting one too, so they could become a local trend.
My job is to provide pre-sales, training and consultancy services for a company that develops and supplies web based systems. We get a fair amount of autonomy over our hardware choices, which is unusual in bigger companies. Most of our day to day work is using the browser - the software we work with is all browser based, and we use google apps and sugar CRM heavily. The intensive browser use is the big clue that chromebooks are right for us - a tablet is too casual and imprecise for what we do, and we have little need for local software so no big advantage to a traditional laptop.

One additional advantage that isn't heavily promoted is security. From a security standpoint I regard the chromebooks as closing quite a few threat vectors - if it was stolen I could be more confident about it not containing any customer data than my old laptop. I'm far less likely to have a problem with malware too.
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My Domain Group bought a couple (5) just to test out various stuff out. Such as webVPN functionality. They want to see how they will work on our intranet too but since it is only one point encryption we can't use them on the domain. So far...they are Toys for them.
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My company has some people that travel a lot, and I think we may get Chromebooks for them to take with them. I'm not sure, though-- it seems like the IT people know what Chromebooks are, but nobody else around here (besides me) does.
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My company hasn't bought them yet, but they are talking about it. I am thinking they will probably get at least a dozen at the start of the year, or maybe just before (tax reasons).
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Haha, I tried talking to my bosses about Chromebooks and they thought they were something to do with cars. I don't think we'll be getting any.
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We have 40 Samsung XE303's and Google Management Console (networking) in a business environment. We've also signed onto Google Apps. It was a close decision between the iPad, Windows Surface and Chromebooks. The deciding factor was that everyone is using Gmail. Chrome and Google Docs anyways. Cost-wise, Microsoft 365 and Google Apps for Business is near identical.

The iPad was a close second. But we decided against that because the minions wanted a real physical keyboard. Price was a big factor too. And we really don't need to play dumb games (no need for app store access).

Its hard to ignore the $200-$250 price tag. If someone looses it or drops it ... not so painful.

They don't do everything that a Macbook or Lenovo will do. But for $1000 and 100% functionality of a Mac or PC notebook ... the Chromebook will cost $240 and give you 95% functionality. Thats an expensive 5%.
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I have a friend who works in a company where Chromebooks were provided for their use. He says they work perfectly. They don't seem to encounter too many computer issues with Chromebooks.
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