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Today I picked 10 Chrome themes that are all clean and pure. I tried everyone of them and believe all minimalists would love them. Click on the images to go to the installation page in Chrome Web Store.

Pure Colour Themes

Minimal theme (pure white only, I love it!)

Just Black theme (pure black)

Black, White and Grey theme (we had white and black, now something in the middle!)

Greyscale theme

Light Green Default theme
(you can find similar pure colour themes by searching "pink", "orange", etc in Chrome Web Store)​

Clean Pattern Themes

American Apparel theme

Minimalistic Aluminum theme (aluminum with light noise pattern)

Brushed theme

Dark Wood theme

SeaChrome.Green theme
(clean texture pattern)​

(This article is extracted from a post in my blog that introduces Chrome themes every week)

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I'm quite a fan of the Yulia Brodskaya theme - the green one with the parrot.
It is quirky enough to look different and interesting without getting in the way.
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