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10 Reasons You'll Be Dying For A Chromebook This June

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If your into the Chromebook becuase of the hype or because you actually know something about it you might just be able to relate to some of the 10 reasons to die for a Chrome book.

They are good reasons and most are reasons why I will be dying for one very soon!

Feel free to add to the list below and share your reasons, lets hear them! :)

Not sure yet why you'd want a Chromebook?

You're not alone.

Even before its formal release on June 15th, the brand new Chromebooks announced at Google I/O have been met with fervent skepticism and panned by critics.

Despite negative media attention, the Chromebooks show a lot of potential.

It'll be a long time before web-based operating systems can replace your home computer, but until then, a Chromebook is a great complement to your home computer.

Click on to find out why you'll be dying for a Chromebook when they come out this June.

Instant-on for instant gratification
Hate having to boot up your computer, wait for startup programs to load, and wait for your browser home page to load before you can get on the net?
On a Chromebook, a boot from the off position takes 8 seconds, but if the Chromebook is sleeping, it will start back up instantly. You'll be on the web in no time to fire off a quick email or post a quick update on your blog.

It's inexpensive, portable, and has no moving parts
Chromebooks may not be as cheap as netbooks, but they are a lot less expensive than their notebook counterparts.

They also don't have any moving parts (they use a SSD hard drive, which is flash-based), meaning you don't have to worry about tossing them in a bag or using them on a bumpy road. No moving parts also means better battery life.

A Chromebook can be yours for $399.99 (Wi-Fi only version from Acer), but we expect these prices to drop drastically as more hardware makers get on board.

You won't be able to screw it up, and it won't crash as much as a PC
Google's lightweight Chrome OS doesn't have too many settings you can fiddle around with, and the file system is pretty much hands-off (perhaps to a fault).

People love that they can't accidentally mess up their iPhones and iPads, and Chromebooks will be the same way.

All your settings sync between your Chrome browsers on different computers.

Never worry about updates again.
Chromebooks are built on a flexible operating system capable of constantly monitoring and installing updates in the background.

You truly never will have to worry about installing updates for your browser or for apps, and new security patches will be constantly piped to your Chromebook.

Plus, maintaining a PC can cost big bucks. Chromebooks will save you a good deal of money

Your Chromebook will get faster without you having to do anything

Maybe this is an appendix that should be added on to the previous point, but one feature we love about Chromebooks is that the background updates will make your Chromebook faster, without you having to do anything.

Chromebooks have never been about the processing power. They're instead built around the web.

Since Chromebooks are run on such a flexible operating system, quick fixes and speed boosts can be installed constantly by Google. If the updates to Google smartphones like the Nexus S are any indication, Chromebooks will be updated frequently.

Your entire music library, everywhere
With Chrome apps like Google Music (coming soon), Rdio, and Pandora, you'll always have access to the music you want to listen to.

A Chromebook won't be your primary computer, but it will be a perfect complement to it.

As time goes on, more HTML 5 apps will go online, and will have many of same the features as native apps that reside on your computer have today. Your Chromebook is fully equipped for the HTML 5 revolution.

All of your documents, everywhere
Using web apps like SugarSync, Dropbox, and Google Docs, you'll always have access to your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Any changes you make will be automatically saved and updated, accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Not all apps are available offline just yet, but more are coming soon according to Google.

3G web access on the go
These days, most homes, offices, and coffee shops have Wi-Fi you can use.
But, if you plan to use your computer on the go, your 3G Chromebook comes with 100 MB of data per month on Verizon (for two years, at that). This should be enough for light emailing on the go when you're out of Wi-Fi range.
If you plan on being out of Wi-Fi range more frequently, you can buy data packages for your Chromebook.

You can get 1GB of data for $20.00/month, 3GB of data for $35.00/month, and 5GB of data for $50.00/month.

If you don't want to buy a data package, you can always tether to your smartphone, or hope wherever you're headed has Wi-Fi.

Your accessories work with Chromebooks, and battery life is great.
Chromebooks will have USB 2.0 ports and a 4-in-1 memory card reader to load up pictures you've taken from your digital camera.

Also, battery life on Chromebooks ranges from 6 to 8.5 hours (depending on which one you get).

No need to backup your data or ever worry about it

Because everything on your Chromebook is stored in the cloud, if you lose your Chromebook, or it you drop it, or it gets stolen, you don't have to worry about your data.

Very little data is stored locally on the machine--everything is kept in the cloud.

This also means that if and when you get a new Chromebook, you're already good to go. No applications to manually install, no documents to transfer, and no waiting while your 40 gigs of music transfer over from an external hard drive.
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