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15 new and cool chrome apps

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Here are 15 cool and new chrome apps, no surprise that Angry Birds made it to the list. Most of the quoted part has free chrome apps, only some of them you have to pay for which don't cost much.

Which app will you guys be getting from the list below, and has anyone tried any of them yet? I would like to hear app reviews on the below apps since just over 1/2 of them spark my interest.

got the below from here Business Insider

Google Chrome is our favorite web browser, and apps from the Chrome Web Store make it even better.

What are Chrome apps, you ask?

They are Chrome-optimized versions of websites with interactive features, and they are also complex editing tools, games, and more.

Chrome apps are basically entire web experiences built into one browser tab in Chrome.

Also, Chrome apps are a testament to everything you can accomplish with HTML 5, and everything you'll be able to do with a Chromebook coming this June.

Skip the native apps on your computer and switch to Chrome apps instead. Many popular desktop apps like Tweetdeck, Evernote, photo editing programs, and more have already made the switch.

Super Mario Bros
Need a retro gaming fix? Super Mario Bros Crossover for Chrome

We just tried it, and it plays like a dream. It's the original Super Mario Bros, and you can even play as other game characters like Link (from the Legend of Zelda), Mega Man, and Samus Aran.

Use the keyboard to control Mario, and all the old school sound effects are included as well.

Price: free

Rdio's streaming music app is a souped of version of Rdio's website

Rdio is one of the coolest new ways to stream online music. $4.99/month on Rdio buys you unlimited music listening on your iPhone and computer.

Rdio is also a social experience, letting you see what friends are listening to and recommend tracks.

Using the web app built for Chrome is a wonderful experience. No wonder, considering Rdio is built by the smart guys behind Skype and Kazaa.

Price: free but you need a $4.99/month subscription (which is an awesome price)

Weebly is a great website builder for Chrome

Featuring over 100+ professionally designed themes, drag and drop ease-of-use, embeddable audio and video, and free hosting, Weebly is one of the coolest ways to build a website.

Price: free

New York Times
The New York Times' chrome app looks amazing

If you're a New York Times subscriber, this Chrome web app is a must-buy.

The NYT put together an elegant and intuitive web app to browse articles and save things to read later. Convenient shortcuts are included to navigate the web app, breaking news alerts will make sure you don't miss a beat.

Price: free (but you need a New York Times subscription)

Sports Illustrated Snapshot
Sports Illustrated Snapshot is a sports fan's dream

Open up this Chrome app each morning to see the 10 best photos from Sports Illustrated photographers.

Also, use the app to see news, scores, standings, and more for your favorite teams, then share content via Facebook and Twitter.
A must-have for sports fans.

Price: free

Tweetdeck is just as good as the desktop app

Tweetdeck for Chrome is a fully featured Tweetdeck client, but in your Chrome web browser.

Featuring scrollable and customizable columns, simple navigation, and the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, this Chrome app is a big time winner.

Price: free

LucidChart is the top paid app in the Chrome Web Store

With LucidChart, it's easy to create flow charts, mind maps (pictured), Venn diagrams, and more.

There are hundreds of templates to help you or your business be more productive, and it's free.

Price: free to try, but uses in-app payment to sell the app

Springpad lets you save anything, and syncs it all to your mobile device

Springpad is one of the biggest Evernote competitors, and tons of people even like it better than fan-favorite Evernote. Use Springpad to clip photos, text, and more, so you'll never forget anything.

Springpad's Chrome app is much better than Evernote's, allowing you to add and manage your notes in a gorgeous and interactive interface. Take pictures and write notes on your mobile device, and they'll ask sync to your computer.

Use this Chrome app in combination with the Chrome extension "Springpad web clipper," and you'll always have a place to stick things you don't want to forget that you see on the web.

Price: Free

Angry Birds
The most popular handheld game in the country is now on Chrome

Angry Birds, in its perpetual effort to spawn across all of your electronic devices, is now in your Chrome browser.

The web app works great, and Angry Birds is just as fun as it's always been

Price: free

Aviary's Advanced Image Editor is a wonderful photo-editing tool

Aviary is a surprisingly powerful photo editor for Chrome. They also have an awesome office in New York.

Don't believe how powerful a web-based photo editor can be? Watch this amazing video which demos a project someone made in Aviary.

It's not a Photoshop replacement, but it's darn close for the average user.

Price: free

Stickies is an easy way to remember things, while keeping it simple

Double click to create a sticky or edit one, and type in something you need to remember.

You can change the font size and sticky color, and you can drag stickies around, but that's all the customization there is. Simplicity is a good thing for Stickies.

Price: free

Skip PowerPoint. Use SlideRocket for all your slideshow needs

SlideRocket is your all-in-one slideshow maker for Chrome.
Use the built in templates and tools to make your slideshow, then share/embed your slideshow online and use the built-in presentation analytics to monitor viewers.

Also, once you've made a slideshow, the rich HTML 5 viewer for iPhones and iPads makes your slideshow portable.

Price: free

PostPost is like Flipboard but for Chrome

Use PostPost to browse articles, links, and videos your friends post, all arrange in a neat grid view.

You can share and comment on stories within the app.

Price: free

Amazon Windowshop
Amazon Windowshop is a completely different way to browse Amazon

Amazon Windowshop turns the biggest store in the world into a browse-able virtual supermall.

It's not that much different from the website, but it's fun to browse Amazon's products and recommendations through pictures.

Price: free is the simplest way to share big files

No need to try and send big files or email, Megaupload, or Rapidshare. kills them all.

All you need to do is install the app, click "upload," and you're ready to share via Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere you can paste a link. isn't as much of an app as the rest of the apps on this list, but the app provides a quick shortcut to's great features.

Price: free
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Wow there seems to be some very promising app's it would be best if they increased their application store more vast and have it become like a full on Mobile OS system with thousands of apps!
So clearly this isn't the most productive App, and there are other ways to play this, but be sure I will waste a HUGE amount of time on my commute playing it on my Chromebook.

Super Mario Bros
Need a retro gaming fix? Super Mario Bros Crossover for Chrome

We just tried it, and it plays like a dream. It's the original Super Mario Bros, and you can even play as other game characters like Link (from the Legend of Zelda), Mega Man, and Samus Aran.

Use the keyboard to control Mario, and all the old school sound effects are included as well.

Price: free
seems like very interesting apps!
Games, organizers and so much more!
Great free apps!
my opinion on chrome store apart from games all the rest are just like bookmarks. i mean they are not "apps" you can access the exaxt same thing from typing the url. I don't get why new york times made an app.
What is the difference then between a Chrome App and just going to a url? and Springpad: yes please. Thanks for the recommendations!
i feel the same, just go to url. i guess they'll be adding as it matures..
What is the difference then between a Chrome App and just going to a url?
There can be code specifically to recognize Chrome in the website (URL), and, it may have big differences from code designed for other browsers. For example, many sites look for Internet explorer 6, and execute code specifically for the old version. That's not to say that they all do, or will, but developers can write code specifically for platform within the web site. Safari on the mac is a good example: some sites that work just fine in windows using ie, firefox, opera, etc; may or may not work using safari on windows or mac os x.
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