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Hi all I'm a newbie :eek:

I love the idea of a chromebook and there are just two issues that are currently stopping me from ordering one, and I was hoping you more knowledgeable chromeos guys could let me know what's a show stopper and what's not. Here we go...

Issue 1. Extended displays. This is hard to find detail on, but as I understand it although you can plug a projector or external monitor into chromebooks with a VGA output, there is no support for 'dual screen' extended displays - the only choice is to use the new screen instead of the chromebook's screen. Am I correct here, or is my information out of date? if it is a problem, what are the workarounds? what is the max resolution a chromebook can support for an external monitor?

Issue 2. Skype. I use Skype a lot for my work, and my company pays for my Skypeout which I use to call customers all the time. As I'm based in the UK, Google voice has no comparable feature. I'm aware of which seems ok for IM and 'mostly ok' for voice calls to other skype users. I know it supports video too, but the receiving user's experience isn't the same as native skype which puts me off. It also does not support Skypeout at all as far as I can tell. I've also seen 'Skype Control' in the chrome store, which might be ok but it relies on a separate Windows machine to tunnel through (not a show stopper for me) and engadget's recent Series 5 review cites some problems with xVid compatability (might be a problem!). So, what possible solutions are out there to sort out fully-featured Skype on a Chromebook.

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Issue 1:

I got this right from the main source, google!! ......

Using an external monitor or projector

To project your Chromebook's screen on an external monitor or via a projector, connect the device to your Chromebook. Consult the help information provided by your Chromebook manufacturer to determine what type of connector you should use. Once connected, the device will be automatically detected and your screen will be projected, using the best possible resolution.

If you've connected an external monitor, the screen will only appear on the external monitor. Currently, it's not possible to set up an extended display. If you've connected a projector, the screen will be displayed on both your Chromebook and via the projector.

Issue 2:

I don't have the answer your looking for but I have a feeling that Skype on Chromebook MIGHT be limited but I really want to see a review for Skype on ChromeBook to see what functions don't/still remain on the Skype chromebook app
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