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We bought a Samsung Galaxy 13.3" 4K[/URL] for our daughter's school work. I have two old 27" monitors and like her to use those along with mouse and keyboard.

I hooked up the chrome book to a Dell hub that i have for my work-supplied tablet. to my surprise it actually worked in a way that both monitors would display chrome stuff and mouse and keyboard worked. The problem I had is that the screen of the chrome book still was in use and i couldn't drag item from the chrome book to the external screens. I was able to drag things between the 2 external screens. another problem was that when i opened the chrome browser from one of the external screens, it would pop up on the chrome book screen, again with no option to drag to the external screen. the setting didn't reveal a solution, but this is my first use of a chrome book.

With my windows work tablet it works the way that the tablet screen is unused and i can use the two external monitors like I would use with a desktop.

If for some reason using two external screens are ot the best solution, i would look into buying a single large 4K monitor. But i would like it to be able to split the scree[/URL]n (like in W10, where I can " throw" the windows in a corner).

I also will need to buy the hub. I saw many only support one monitor. Sorry about the noob questions, but most what googling yielded was about using a single monitor.

My specific questions:
- how do I disable the on-board screen when using external monitors?
- is using 2 external screens actually recommended or supported by Chrome?
- what is a good hub? Does it have to be one specified as chrome-specific?
- can chrome OS split the screen, if so, how?
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