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Hello everyone, I don't see many posts about the Pixel and almost no DIY or fix it videos of this machine.

A few years back I bought a 2013 Pixel with a bad display.
The problem was that the backlight was bad, it wouldnt light up in the center, it would have a screen door effect in a sense.

Certain brightness or angles of the display being open would solve this problem but it would come back intermittently or worse, flicker.

I made the mistake of trying to open the display, I didn't remove it properly and I ended up cracking the digitizer and touch functions went awful. Oddly I couldn't use the Pixel, however when other users would sign in, they wouldn't have a problem. Strange, as I would reset settings it would still sense hand touch input, it would need to be disabled.

Anywho, the reason why I wanted to open up and get to the display was that I noticed that if I applied a little bit of pressure where it was dim, the problem would go away. Now I have came across a problem on thinkpads and laptops to where there might be lines on the display, yet it goes away when you pinch the edges. It is because one of the ribbon cables that is built in the screen is ever so slightly loose and misses contact. When pinched, it gives it enough pressure for the problem to go away. So a solution is to place a shim of some sort, usually paper or cardboard to where the lines start and the problem goes away.

In the end, after being really disappointed with myself, I put back the display onto the laptop and didn't want to crack it more. But I did notice the small gap between the front glass bezel and rear aluminium lid. From there I stuffed a small piece of paper onto it and it luckily applied just enough pressure for the dimmed back light problem to go away!!
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