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Hi all,

My first post here, so thank you in advance for your help and nice meeting you.

I need some help,

firstly I love chromebooks, I love the simplicity, the fact everything is there when you need it ect.

I'm sorry to say I have owned 1 windows laptop in my life and had a terrible experience, never owned a mac, but the price puts me off.

Anyway I have owned 2 chromebooks in my life, the 1st was a pretty good model, the current is a great chromebook, but very slow. It's a ASUS Chromebook C202SA. It's been great for simple tasks.

Anyway I have now started a business and using this chromebook is becoming difficult because of the amount of work I have to do.

I'm looking to order a new chromebook, I'm a little confused as to what chromebooks are available.

I live in Japan, so I order mainly of Amazon Japan because they offer English keyboard versions.

So I would like something with the following

- English keyboard
- Lit keys if possible for night time work ( Not sure if chromebook have this order not? )
- best processor ( something where I don't experience any lag. what is the latest processor on a chromebook anyway? )
- usb c at least 1
- 13 - 14 inch clear screen
- nice keys for typing, not bothered about track pad ( I use a wireless mouse anyway )
- I'm not bothered about touch screen, unless you guy think it's important?
- Ram highest possible please.

Can anyone advise the best in Japan?

Thank you

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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