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Hi, I just received this chromebook as a gift and I would like to upgrade the SSD to at least 64GB if not 128. I have taken the bottom cover off and looked around but I dont see anything thats socketed that could be replaced and I have not been able to find a replacement drive online for this specific model (the unit I got is this one
Acer 13.3" Chromebook NVIDIA Tegra K1 2GB Memory 16GB Solid State Drive CB5-311-T9B0 - Best Buy )

If anyone has any advice regarding upgrading the internal SSD I'd love to hear it. Or if I should just go with an SD card or low profile USB stick for storage instead. I know this is a newer unit, hopefully some teardown videos will pop up somehwere eventually. Thanks for your help.


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Hi Todd...

To be quite honest, I'd save yourself a lot of time and money, by simply using a memory stick or SD card to save any material that might waste space on your SSD...

I've used a 64 GB flash drive and connected an external 80 GB hard drive to my CB (although it's a different Acer model) both of which worked flawlessly... Data is so easy to transfer as well...

Just remember to eject the flash or hard drive before disconnecting, to ensure the safety of data...

Sorry, but that's the best I can offer... Hope it's helpful in some small way...

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