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Acer Chromebook 714 with Linux

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I have been attempting to run Arduino IDE on the Acer 715 using Crouton and Arduino IDE installations.
Within the removable USB files the permission line has attached to it a dot which, I understand, indicates that MAC policies are in effect. The result is that the USB drives and the microSD devices are not seen by the Arduino IDE. They are, however, seen by the Linux system inside the LXDE desktop and are correctly identified, and mounted.

I have been using an Acer 720 for many years and coding Arduino with no difficulty. While I understand the need for additional security with the Beta Linux feature on ChromeOS, at this point I am very disappointed and frustrated with this development since I have learned a great deal about Linux OS, and I have been very pleased with the Chromebook.

My question, is there a way that I can adjust the MAC so that I can use this Acer machine to run and code the Arduino IDE within the Linux shell or is this feature no longer possible?

Thank you for your help.
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