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Both are clamshells with 11.6" displays and full sized keyboards.
MacBook Air 11 2.3 lbs vs Chromebook at 2.95 lbs
MacBook Air 11 5 hours battery life vs Chromebook 6 hours
MacBook Air 11 Core 2 Duo processor vs Chromebook dual-core Atom

But... MacBook Air costs $999, while the Acer only costs $349

I think that any student or person on a budget will certainly choose the Acer option as long as they have Wifi nearby.

I am a little surprised though that Acer couldn't have made this lighter than the Macbook Air... perhaps they needed it for the extra battery life.

One other thing... I wonder which will be faster in "real life" ... the Chromebook with Instant-On or Macbook with OSX.
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