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Acer Chromebook - why buy?

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I'd love to buy a new chromebook, and am wondering why the Acer might make sense for anyone? Is it just a price thing? It is cheaper than the Samsung, but it seems otherwise inferior. I mean the 11.6" screen is really small.

Help me out... who is buying the Acer Chromebook and why are they buying it?
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The small screen (and as a result smaller body) would likely be more ideal for people who commute via public transportation.
that should be a major plus for students & business people since they carry around other school/business related things already, having something compact like the Acer chromebook won't be a problem and bothersome

I hate hauling around my Toshiba laptop, it's all big a and bulky so lightening up the load will be awesome.

HDMI option on the Acer is nice, but i've been a samsung fan forever, i will need to be convinced to buy a Acer
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