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Acer Chromebook - why buy?

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I'd love to buy a new chromebook, and am wondering why the Acer might make sense for anyone? Is it just a price thing? It is cheaper than the Samsung, but it seems otherwise inferior. I mean the 11.6" screen is really small.

Help me out... who is buying the Acer Chromebook and why are they buying it?
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I bought it.

Hi there,

I bought it because my husband was getting upset each time he wanted to download music. My daughter has a Acer Aspire and it gets too slow like any other computer even tho it is suppose to be a killer when surfing online, but it is not.

Now, with the chromebook you open the computer by lifting the screen an you are online instantly. Also when surfing online there is not other thing better that I have tried so far. It never gets frozen, slow or blank. The speed downloading music is unbelievable. You can choose around more than 10 songs to download at the same time and it takes less than 30 seconds to download all of them. It is light in weight and even when the screen is small you can set up the font big enough to your taste.

The kids tried it and I love that they can download anything from the google app market like angry birds and other stuff and they never ask me to help them because the computer never gets frozen or stay buffering. The place where you put the charger, I don't know how you call this, sorry, I guess the power card is big making it easy to plug in the power cable without ruing the power card inside the computer. We had a tablet that got ruined because the power supply cable end was so skinny that when we were putting it into the computer power slot it wouldn't go in. This messed up the power card in less than a week. We don't have that problem with the chromebook.

The only thing I would complain about is that I haven't been able to figure out how to print with it. I'm still confused in that part. I know I can't install drivers on the chromebook but I thought that at the moment of printing will use setups saved on the chrome browser but I guess I'm wrong. As soon as I figure it out I will post it here :)

I hope this help, thanks
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