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Acer Chromebook - why buy?

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I'd love to buy a new chromebook, and am wondering why the Acer might make sense for anyone? Is it just a price thing? It is cheaper than the Samsung, but it seems otherwise inferior. I mean the 11.6" screen is really small.

Help me out... who is buying the Acer Chromebook and why are they buying it?
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Also, the Acer has a 1.3 mpx camera, prior to the samsung which has 0.3, but that doesn't make a huge difference and it's not really that important. The Acer has a removable battery, which most chromebooks don't. The 320 GB HDD is also unique, and of course the HDMI and VGA ports, as well as a Kingstion lock if you ever need one. Those are the points in which the Acer C7 is better. However, tghere are some cons to the machine, i.e. the battery life, or the slow boot up time, compared to the other chromebooks, due to the 320 GB spinning HDD. Nevertheless, if that bothers you, Acer laso has the same chromebook with the same features and pros, just with an SSD hard drive.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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