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I was thinking about getting a chromebook for a friend out of state who is not very computer literate. However, I really need some advice. I have a windows laptop and a Android tablet.
The chromebook simplicity seems very attractive to me and would allow it to used without much support if any.
Here are some of the functions that are needed.
* Video chat - very important. Can it send and receive full screen, high quality video chat? I assume that Hangout is the only app for this? Am I wrong?

* I would need to get control of the chromebook for support and file transfer reasons. Has anyone used the Chrome Remote Desktop app to do this? Does the Chrome Remote Desktop support video? Even sharing a video?

* Of course basic browser, internet browsing would be used.

* Is there anything, like word processing that can be done locally (without Internet access).

* I'm thinking about getting a inexpensive one, but has to have 4gb RAM. A flash drive for storage.

Thank you,
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