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Apartment pets

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What pets are good for an apartment that're also interesting? I mean, I like gerbils, but they're...kind of boring. Preferably I'd like something that didn't stink too badly and that I couldn't mistake for a pest if it got out of its cage at night. Suggestions?
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Parakeet..there not smelly. They can be really sweet after they get to know you (1 year plus). They live for 15 years.

Mine comes out once a day. I can have it fly from one end of the room to my shoulder. It talks (really basic like hello) and gives "kisses".

No stink. Just change the cage paper once a week and fresh water daily...super easy. Get a Male though. They are more amped to talk.
Tropical fish.
Pretty, quiet and easy to keep.
I think birds are interesting, and they don't stink (as long as you take care of their waste). Macaws especially are interesting! They're really intelligent and lots of fun.
I would go with birds and fish anytime though I am not sure you would still call them pets while they are in aquarium.

I have heard of Parakeet but isn't 1 year such a long time to get used to it?
I've got a female cat named Maya. If you get a cat, make sure it doesn't shed a lot of hair from it's fur.
I would stay away from all rodents. They all tend to get a bit smelly. You could get some kind of reptile, like a turtle or frog, but a bearded dragon is much more interesting. Of course they need heat lamps and can grow up to 2 feet.
I've been thinking about getting a macaw ever since I saw Rio, but I think they're a bit too high-maintenance for me. If you can dedicate 50+ years of your life to taking care of one bird, though, that's cool!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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