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app or website?

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sorry iam new to chromebook so this may seem like a stupid question to some, but given the choice should i favour a dedicated app for a particular site OR visit the site via a chrome link. i know smart phones are designed to work with apps but chromebook is designed to work arround the chrome browser so i am unsure which i should favour :|
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I can provide some general insights about Google Play Store apps. Google Play Store is the primary platform for Android users to discover and download mobile applications. With millions of apps available, it offers a wide variety of options for users to choose from, ranging from entertainment and social media to productivity and gaming. While many apps are free to download, some require payment or offer in-app purchases.
The Play Store has strict guidelines and policies that developers must adhere to, ensuring the safety and security of users. Apps undergo a review process before they are published, and Google regularly monitors them for any violations.
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