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Autograph collection

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I'm thinking of starting an autograph collection. Mostly authors' autographs, but maybe other people as well if I can find them (and get them to sign something). I'm not sure if I want just a notebook where all the autographs go, or cards, or something else? Which do you think would be good?
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I think an autograph collection is such a superb idea. How you will choose to go about this will be a matter of choice but if you love the Chromebook, just go for it.
I have signed games and comics. Though I do have a couple of signed books around the house (friends with some authors so I don't really like to do that).
I have another hobby, I download videos from various baseball games and download them onto discs and unblock pirate bay here. I like to record and then re-watch them on TV, because they are iconic moments, like the Debut Home Run Derby (1985), or the Only Grand Slam in history (1983), etc. It may be on the Internet, but there's no Internet everywhere, and it's the memory we need to remember. All in all my hobby is strange, but I like it, and that's the main thing.
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