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Be the first to get a Chromebook before June 15

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Well this is interesting. We just learned from Engadget that CR-48 owners are currently receiving emails to buy a new Samsung Chromebook, before the June 15 launch date, through Gilt.

Read more below:
We can't say we expected Gilt to be the first place to offer Samsung's new Chromebook but, well, here we are. Google's now sending out emails like the one above to at least some folks that were a part of the Cr-48 pilot program, telling them that they can join a "limited time" sale on the high-end discount site starting today, June 1st. In true Gilt fashion, the Chromebook (otherwise known as the Samsung Series 5) will also come paired with a "limited edition" sleeve designed by Rickshaw. Unfortunately, "limited" seems to be the keyword here -- the sale is only open to those that have received the email, and it's not clear how many Chromebooks are actually available.
Looks like this is now available to the general public:
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I am sure they would be sold out by the time they hit the market. Plus it seems the emails just got to a few people but all the same this should not stop anyone from this prized possession.
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